Bible Covers Part 2 – Options for Women

Your Bible may be the most important book you own. You may use it daily for Bible study, weekly in church, or maybe only as a source for inspiration or comfort. Most people own their Bibles for many years and some Bibles are even passed down through generations. Regardless of how or what you use it for, your Bible needs to be kept in good condition and a Bible cover is an excellent way to provide this.

There are many different covers available. They come in different sizes, are made from different materials and have other options available. Just as there are some Bible covers that men may prefer, there are some that women definitely will prefer.

There seems to be a larger variety of covers available for women. Some are very practical and serviceable while others make more of a fashion statement. They may come with zippers and handles and could also be used as purses. Women will also use tote bags to carry their Bibles in. No matter what, unprotected Bibles need a good cover. It prevents the Bible from gathering dust, reduces the risk of wear and damage and can help decrease the number of wrinkled pages.

Leather is always a good choice. It is durable and can have different finishes. Leather covers can be embossed and are also available in different colors. Handles and zippered pouches are also options with leather covers. Lambskin covers are soft and supple, and tend to be more expensive. Leather covers will vary in price, but are usually a good choice and a good value.

Woven tapestry covers are another good choice for women. They will fit most standard Bibles. Many have a specific Bible verse or an inspirational saying woven into the design. These covers can show your individuality.

Tote bags can also make good Bible covers. They will cover your Bible while you carry it from one place to another. Many totes have zippered pockets inside or out and over sized totes may double as a purse and Bible cover. If the straps are long enough they can even be used as a shoulder bag.

Bible covers are also available in faux leather. There are several different color options available. Most have zipper closures, two handles and some may have pen holders or zippered pouches inside.

To really express yourself, or for a designer look, there are trendier covers available. One such cover is a Leopard print design with black faux trim. If you like Zebra it is available with red or black faux leather trim. These covers all come with a zippered closure and interior pockets. They make a great fashion statement.

Your precious possession- your Bible – cover it well.

Bible Covers for Women

Bible covers for women make the perfect Christmas or birthday gift. They are great for keeping your bible in great shape for many years. A Bible is perhaps the most important possession that most of us will ever have, so you want to protect it with a beautiful cover. There are literally thousands of bible covers for women that are stylish and can fit all sizes of Bibles. Most covers come with a handle so that you can carry it by the handle! There are several features of a great cover for your Bible that you’ll want to take into consideration when purchasing the Word of God.

When you are looking at cover you want to purchase, you should look to see if it has several pockets where you can store pens, church bulletins, and notes from the last sermon. If you are like many people, you may store bulletins from the last six months in your cover! If the Bible has multiple pockets, this would allow you to keep small pens and small items in one pocket, and notes and other papers in another pocket. Some of the pockets will have zippers so you don’t have to worry about things falling out of your Bible. I have had items fall out of the pocket when I didn’t have a zipper on the pocket, so it is nice to have zippers for the pockets on the outside of the cover. Some of the covers today will even come with cell phone pockets.

You can get Bible covers for women that are made of many different materials today. Generally speaking, leather covers will hold up longer than other materials. You can get covers in leather material, microfiber, durable nylon, khaki, and many other materials.

If you want a fashionable cover, you can get covers in almost any color. The trendy lux leather purple cover is one of the most popular covers among women today. It comes with Hebrews 11:1 printed on the front of the cover. Some women love black, so leather black covers are always popular with women. Women’s bible covers tend to come in a wide variety of colors, so if color is important, you can find any color you want. You can also purchase covers that come in multiple colors, camouflage colors, or even zebra colors!

There are many other features to consider as you search for the right cover that will fit your needs. Many of the covers you can purchase for women are designed to make the Bible look like a purse. These are stylish and fashionable for many women. Make sure to purchase your Bible covers for women at a reputable site that specializes in the sale of Christian products, as these sites often have the best and largest selection of products.

Unlikely Style Icon – Teenage Fashion Blogger – Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson, otherwise known as ‘Style Rookie’, made the cover of fashion bible Pop mag in August and Love in September, where she was also interviewed by Pixie Geldolf.

Her fashion blog attracts half a million hits a month and she is taken so seriously by the industry that she earned front row seats at all the biggest shows during New York Fashion Week, where editors and celebrities could be seen respectfully watching over her shoulder.

Given the fascination with this unique and engaging fashion writer, it’s rather surprising to discover that Tavi is a 13-year-old blogger from suburban Chicago.

The ‘Style Rookie’ blog was created in 2008 when Tavi was just 11, and her writing illustrates such an understanding of her favoured subject that it was initially assumed to be a fake created by fashion insiders. It has a professional feel and features analysis of magazines and photographs of her quirky daily outfits.

Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the sisters behind the award-winning fashion label Rodarte, contacted Tavi after coming across her blog just eight months after she began it, and she has since become their muse, helping to present their line.

“Tavi makes you think about things differently,” said Kate Mulleavy, “She makes you see things differently.”
Indeed, Tavi Gevinson appears to be quite a phenomenon.

Her first experience of paid journalism was for Pop’s website, giving her thoughts on New York Fashion Week. “For one week I was in a utopia full of people who can recognise that my jacket is Luella and appreciate that I stuck an upside-down doll in its chest pocket,” she wrote.

“Tavi’s amazing,” says Charlie Porter, deputy editor of the style journal Fantastic Man. “She’s so inquisitive, with such a sharp, curious eye,”

While a sense of fashion and style is a matter of opinion, this extract from ‘the new girl in town’s Bat Mitzvah speech is a good example of why people hope that we continue to hear more from the teenager who won over the fashion industry.

“As I said earlier, the Nazarites wore just enough to keep them warm, believing that that was the wish of God. Over this past year I have become increasingly interested in clothing, and have developed a clearer understanding of the idea that clothing can be art… Rei Kawakubo, who many regard as the first conceptual designer and whose clothes can often inspire uncomfortable thoughts or feelings in people, is my favourite designer in the world… Using fashion as self-expression can go beyond wearing a shirt with a slogan, as clothing has the ability to evoke an entire feel, or atmosphere, or emotion, or world.”